Google Customizing News Section Based on Your Twitter Account

Twitter-BirdIn order to deliver a more enjoyable experience for users, Google has announced that it will allow people to sync their Twitter account with Google’s outstanding search results. This feature will scan all of the people you are following on Twitter and alert you of what news relevant topics they are tweeting about, but will only share tweets that have been indexed by the Google News search engine spiders. All you have to do is go to Google, input your Twitter account information and you will get up-to-the-minute opinions about sports, politics, entertainment and current events from the people you are following on Twitter.

Will It Be Beneficial?

Twitter favors tweets that include information about the newest trends in pop culture because its engineers designed it for the purpose of sharing personal reflections about the most current events. It grew to be more entertainment-driven because more users were interested in tweeting about what was happening with their favorite stars and sports teams. Overall, it was recently discovered that over 71% of the tweets being posted to the site get absolutely no response at all from other users and 40% of the tweets posted were considered to be “useless babble” by other Twitter users.

Google needs to ask themselves: If the majority of tweets posted on Twitter are considered to be useless to Twitter’s own internal ranking, what makes any of the content that is being posted on the site relevant to what’s going on in the real world? And more importantly, How is re-using this “useless information” going to help the credibility of Google News? It’s great to be able to provide users with this type of functionality, but at what cost? Synergizing Google and Twitter is most certainly going to help boost the number of users that tweet, but will it actually have any benefits for Google?

What do you think?

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