How Often Businesses Should Post on Social Media

Our social media consulting experts will tell you that social media can be a difficult practice to grasp – each industry has a different audience and audience interactions can vary based on demographic, your location, content you post, type of business you’re in, and more. While the content of your posts will fluctuate, many businesses can follow this basic schedule of how often to post on social media.


Because Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform, the average lifespan of one tweet is only around an hour and a half (though it depends on how many followers the person has), and the best times to tweet are during business hours. With that said, most businesses tweet anywhere between four and eight times each day.


The average lifespan of a post on Facebook is about three hours, and because Facebook isn’t as fast-paced as Twitter, it’s recommended that businesses post one time each day (two times maximum). Any more than that and you’re likely to flood your followers’ news feeds.


Google+ is an interesting combination of both Facebook and Twitter – Google+ posts tend to be longer, like on Facebook (and sometimes even longer than that), while the pace of the platform is more along the lines of Twitter. That being said, posting two to three times each day on Google+ is a good idea.


Because LinkedIn is geared more toward business than “pleasure,” like the other platforms may be, members don’t log on as often, which means it’s not necessary to post as often. Updating your status one to three times per week is usually sufficient.



Of the most common social media platforms, Pinterest has the least amount of structure when it comes to how often to post. Many people are active on Pinterest in the evening and on weekends, so these times are the best times to post, however, there’s no real guideline on how often you should post. With Pinterest, it seems the more the merrier.

And remember: Don’t disregard the weekend. Just because most people are more busy with errands or parties doesn’t mean they don’t check their social media profiles. Schedule a post on Facebook and Google+ and a couple tweets for each Saturday and Sunday.

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