Expanding Your Social Network with Promotions

Computer MoneyAs Facebook advertising continues to become a more popular marketing solution for businesses, finding new ways to expand social networks and generate a buzz about products and services through social media can be absolutely priceless. Maintaining your customer’s excitement about your company is the best way to construct an effective social media campaign. When your customers are excited about what you are doing with your social media marketing tactics, they will be more inclined to remember your business the next time they have to make a purchase in your industry. Your company’s name will stay fresh in their minds and the excitement you create will help your customers find the inspiration to share their experience doing business with you to their friends.


A quick way to expand your social network is to implement promotional marketing solution strategies. This type of tactic has been used by large businesses (such as Walmart) to expand their social networks, but it can benefit small businesses as well. The concept is simple: all you have to do is offer your customers the opportunity to obtain discount pricing for your products or services through your Facebook page and then set a goal for the amount of people that have to “Like” it.

For example:

Let’s say that your business sells televisions. You offer your customers 10% off of a certain model television if they can get 5,000 people to “Like” the offer. When your goal is reached, you can reward your social network by giving them a special promotional code that will get them the 10% off. This will encourage them to tell their friends and share it with their social network, which will create a lot of exposure for your business and increase your amount for friends and followers. Continue to offer your customers these types of promotions and you will be able to see your social network grow overnight.

This type of marketing solution is beneficial for consumers because they get the discount pricing that will encourage them to buy and for your business because you increase your  connections. The result is a larger social network which allows you to get in contact with your potential customers instantly and share any information with them that you have about why your business is the best in its class.

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