Google+ Project

Google LogoSocial media’s impact on search continues to impress online specialists all over the world. Harnessing the power of communication through social media and using it to create a more inclusive search world could be the key to creating a community that ultimately creates a user-friendly experience that changes how we view the web. The big names in search know how huge social media’s online presence is and they acknowledge the fact that it isn’t going anywhere in the near future. That is why online giants like Google are trying to embrace social media and present it to its users in a whole new light.


The Google+ Project is expected to be many things to many people. For starters, it’s a social media forum with a foundation that is built on a concept that Google created, called Circles, which allows users to classify the people in their social network. This will give them the ability to share information with specified Circles, so that sharing information has more of a direction. Users will be able to keep their individual worlds that exist in their day-to-day lives separate.


Another function that the Google+ Project offers users is called Hangouts. This allows people to conduct video conferences with more than one other person. This is expected to give people within a social network the ability to video chat, no matter where they are. You can view who is available to “Hangout” at any point in the day, connect with them and communicate with them using live video and audio.

Instant Uploads

Google is also launching an Instant Uploads feature that will allow users to synch their mobile devices so that they can upload pictures as soon as they are taken. This application can be ran on your mobile device for your pictures and videos. Instant Upload acts as cloud storage for your images and videos, so that you can be certain that no matter what happens to your mobile device, your memories will be secure. Instant Upload gives you the option to share your pictures and video or just store them in a private album. It also stores the exact location of the upload, so that you can map out where events happened.


One of the most impressive functions that Google+ is expected to offer is its new Huddle feature. This gives users the ability to communicate in a “chat room like” setting. Instant messages can be sent to a group of multiple users, allowing everyone to communicate together. What’s impressive about this feature is that it will be available on both the standard PC version and the mobile version of Google+. Users will have the ability to talk to people in their social network, regardless of whether they are at home on their computer or on the go and using their mobile internet device.

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