Google +1

Google Plus 1Google +1 is part of the groundbreaking developments that Google is implementing into their natural search listings to provide users with a completely custom experience. Similar to the Facebook “Like” feature, Google +1 allows users to designate articles, items, sites and other elements of the web as their favored choices. When a user signs into their personal Google account, they can choose to “+1” a variety of different things that they come across, while they are exploring the web. This will act as their personal referral to other users in their contact list.

When a user performs a search while they are signed into their Google account, their search listings will have +1 referrals from other people in their social network infused in the natural search results. They will be able to see clearly who approves of what listing they are being presented with. This is supposedly designed to help users instill confidence in their decision making process while they are exploring the web, because somebody they know personally can attribute to the credibility of the item, article or link.

Promoting Your Business Through +1

This feature could also help businesses better promote themselves through their existing clients’ social networks. All you have to do is encourage your current customers that have Google accounts to search for your business online and check the “+1” button that will appear next to your link. If the right keywords are used, the next time any of the people on their contact list comes across your link in their search results, it will state that your existing customer approves of your products or services. If your new prospect chooses your business over your competitors, encourage them to do the same thing as the customer who referred them. This will allow you to extend your network to include more people.

Personal references from your existing customers from Google’s new +1 feature could improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. It is no surprise that in our current economy, consumers are performing more research before they make any type of purchase. +1 could help you persuade your prospects. It could give them the reassurance they need to experience the quality of the products or services that your business offers.

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