Google +1 Makes a Mark on E-Commerce

Google+1Google’s +1 feature has received a lot of buzz in the online world. It was originally designed to give users the ability to personally endorse certain links in Google’s search results pages to other users in their Google network.

Since its initial launch, its functionality has evolved to be a more inclusive feature that webmasters can use to draw more traffic to their site through users who have vouched for its credibility, by clicking the “+1” icon that has been implemented in the actual content of their site. The feature was created to promote social network influenced conversions. The idea was that when other users saw that someone they know had visited a site and personally approved of it, users would be more inclined to consider the information more dependable.

How +1 affects E-Commerce

Google decided to expand the capability of the +1 feature so that it can be included in product listings for E-commerce sites. This means that if you log into your Google account and you go shopping online, you will have the ability to see if any of the people you know have been satisfied with the products that you are considering purchasing. It’s Google’s way of giving its users confidence in the quality of certain items.

This can be extremely helpful in improving the sales your business completes through your E-commerce site. Think about it: if a user lands on one of your products pages and sees that someone they know has already “+1ed” your product, they are going to be more inclined to purchase it. The +1 feature lets a consumer know that somebody was so happy with the product, they actually returned to the site that they bought it from and told their entire social network that they were pleased with its quality. It’s the perfect type of tactic that you could initiate into your E-commerce site to really boost your profitability.

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