Giving Your Site the +1

Google+1Customer referrals can be the most effective way to attract new business. When your existing customers talk to their friends and family about your business and personally vouch for the quality of your products and services, chances are, you are going to receive a lot of business. Consumer-to-consumer trust is often valued, but when a consumer actually knows the consumer that is referring your business, there is a trust involved that can be extra-convincing. Businesses depend on this type of “Word-of-Mouth” advertising to establish an expandable customer base so they can improve their profitability.

In the technology world, customer referrals present themselves in a variety of different ways, like in forums, through customer reviews and by way of social media outlets. But Google is taking this type of action to a new level with their “+1” feature. +1 started as a way for consumers to see who in their social network publicly endorsed certain products, stores, restaurants and more. It’s a way for people to use their social media accounts to share preferences through search results that were designed to save users time. When you conduct a search through Google, if you’re signed into your account, you can see which of your friends approved certain listings in the search results of keywords you entered into a search query.

+1 for Websites

Google’s +1 feature is available for entire websites. This feature gives users the ability to personalize their search experience even more. If somebody in your social network +1’s a certain website, it will rank higher in search results pages that are relevant to your search.

Giving your visitors the ability to +1 your site could spread your business’s name through their social networks and could bring you more potential sales leads. When a user performs a search, seeing a +1 referral next to your link on a search results page could be what influences them to explore your site, learn more about your business and potentially purchase your products or services. Encourage your existing customers to +1 your site, so that you can take advantage of the benefits that are a result of this type of customer referral.

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