Foursquare Launches Business Profiles

FoursquareThe “Check-In” fun continues as Foursquare announced that they will make business and brand pages available for companies who are interested in promoting themselves through this type of social media avenue. Using Foursquare (and social media consulting in general) can be a great way to improve your local customer base for your physical locations. If you are smart and use Foursquare properly, you can keep your customers coming back to your location and purchasing your products or services. Larger brands like NASA, MTV and the New York Times already had access to Foursquare brand accounts, but now they are being offered to smaller sized businesses as well.

Foursquare Features

Foursquare’s brand profiles allow businesses to create accounts that can be managed by multiple people. This means that each department of your business can contribute to your Foursquare marketing campaign, so that you can make it as effective as possible. This inclusive solution to your Foursquare marketing will allow you to customize your profile so that it better informs your customers. It will allow you to create a more comprehensive experience that will ultimately help you to draw in more local sales prospects.

Another feature it offers is the ability to initiate discounted pricing campaigns that are exclusively available to certain types of customers. You can classify your customers so that they receive specials that are unique to their status with your business. This means you can start custom initiatives that are designed to draw in new customers or reward loyal ones. The choice is yours, but either way, you are going to be giving your customers a “V.I.P.” feeling that will make it more enticing for them to purchase your products or services.

How It Can Help

The new business profiles for Foursquare can really help a lot of different types of businesses expand their sales potential for their physical locations and construct a stronger local customer base. It can also reinforce branding efforts and provide privileges to customers that could convince them to complete purchases or even just check out your new product line, but it is important to set up a business profile before your current customers already establish a location on Foursquare for your business. Otherwise, your newer customers won’t know which location to check-in at and they won’t receive the incentives that you have implemented to help them convert.

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