Facebook’s Video Chat

Facebook LogoFacebook has brought the way that we use technology to communicate to a new level. It has given people the opportunity to stay in touch with other people, regardless of geographic location. As this social media site continues to evolve, its features become more and more advanced, which gives users the ability to connect in newer, more exciting ways.

Recently Facebook has announced that they will be offering their users the opportunity to communicate face to face with their new video conferencing feature. Users will have the ability to log on and connect with each other using live video and audio. In order to make this service available for its users, Facebook is integrating the Skype platform with its traditional social media services. This newly forged relationship between Facebook and Skype is expected to be mutually beneficial, because Facebook needs a video conferencing platform to accommodate its users and Skype can piggyback on Facebook’s outstanding web presence, while exposing its services to over 400 million people worldwide.

This feature is expected to help Facebook compete with Google’s new social media platform, Google+. One of Google+’s main offerings is a feature called Hangouts, which allows users to video chat with other people in their social network. In order to be able to compete with this feature, Facebook is going to have to offer users the ability to video chat with multiple users at once. Skype has rolled out group conferencing in September of 2010, but it is unclear of whether or not they will make it available through Facebook. Google+ is expected to be a widely accepted competitor of Facebook, but only time will tell if it can gain enough momentum to actually knock the social media giant out of the top spot as the most used social media forum in the world.

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