Facebook’s “Related Videos” Feature Is Another Push for Video Content

facebook featureFacebook knows that the majority of us like watching videos, and throughout the year, it has taken measures to put more focus on video content. Most recently, Facebook began testing out its “related videos” feature.

How it works: After you finish watching a video, you’ll see a short list of more videos underneath it. All of these additional videos are related to what you just watched in hopes that you’ll watch more. It’s a similar idea to YouTube and is only available to some test users at the moment.

The feature comes as yet another push for more videos on Facebook. Earlier in the month, the social media network announced a targeting tool that would display video ads to users who frequently watch videos. While users see ads that might be of interest to them, marketers see a way to include additional promotions in their videos, (that hopefully appeal to watchers).

Back in March, before the introduction of the targeting tool, Facebook rolled out a Premium video ads feature, which automatically play in your news feed, but don’t have sound until you click on them. After that, Facebook tweaked its news feed algorithm to see whether people were actually watching these ads (and videos on Facebook in general) and made a push to offer up more videos to people who more frequently watched them.

So why the big push toward video content? Facebook has always wanted to be the go-to website for news, interactions, searches, and more. Since video has become a popular way to share the latest interesting information, it’s just one way Facebook can offer up what its audience wants.

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