Facebook’s New Graph Search

facebook searchUp until a few days ago, the only things you could search for on Facebook were people, businesses, and interests. But with the social media platform’s new Graph Search, you can search for “people, places and things.”

The feature began in a beta stage back in January and was only released to a small number of users for testing. After observing the way people used it and noting what could be changed, Facebook decided to make the search faster, incorporate a broader variety of search queries, make the search box easier to see, and work on displaying the most relevant results first.

Expansionfacebook search2

Facebook recently expanded the search to all accounts that use U.S. English. You may have noticed a notification in the upper right corner of your screen with a tip that says “Graph Search is rolling out now, so it’s getting easier for people to find photos and other things you’ve shared with them.” It appeared to remind you to check your privacy settings.

When it comes to the search results,¬†you’ll find content or activity that you’ve been a part of. Any photos that come up are photos that have been shared with you and won’t be visible to other searchers unless the photos are public. And, if you go beyond Facebook’s results, it’ll search Bing for you and list the results its search engine partner has come up with.

What’s Next?

One thing the Graph Search is still missing, though, is the ability to search through posts or comments. The company says it’s working on this and also working on incorporating the search feature in their mobile app.

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