Facebook Extends Service to “Non-Smartphone” Devices

CellphoneThe amount of people accessing Facebook via mobile devices increases every day.  There is a Facebook application for virtually every type of smartphone available on the market, which gives users the ability to easily check their accounts and catch up with the members of their social networks. These applications give users just as much functionality as a personal computer with an Internet connection, but there is one problem: not everybody has a smartphone with the capability to run these types of applications.

The Non-Smartphone App

To accommodate users that don’t currently own smartphones, Facebook has developed a simplified mobile version of its application that works on 2,500 “Non-Smartphone” devices, including phones manufactured by Nokia, Sony Ericsson and LG. It was originally featured by several cell phone carriers worldwide in a test version. During this time, users weren’t charged data charges to use the application, because it was still in development.

What this means for businesses that have profiles on Facebook is that if this type of application catches on, and users without smartphones start using it more often, the potential for advertising on Facebook will become more valuable, because people will have a lot more accessibility to it. Now, people with traditional cellular devices will be able to check their Facebook account wherever they go. They will be able to easily access the information that you posted about your business on your page. If you were clever enough to include contact information, you could potentially attract future sales leads that you would have otherwise not had the ability to pitch your products or services to. This simplified version of Facebook could mean more profitability for a lot of businesses.

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