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Facebook LogoMerging your sales and social media efforts can help your business increase its profitability. When you give your customers the opportunity to purchase your products through your Facebook site, you are improving their availability and simplifying the purchase process. You are also taking advantage of the fact that the customers who are connected to you through your social network probably check their Facebook account more frequently than they check your website.

Synchronizing your sales and social media efforts will also help you spread the word about new products, specials or other information that will persuade your customers to purchase from your business. The foundation of Facebook is communication. When you have the ability to communicate directly to your sales prospects in an avenue certain to have their full attention, you’re going to increase the effective of your sales efforts.

All you have to do is portray the right sales tactics through your Facebook account and inform your customers about the developments you are implementing in your business. This will reinforce their confidence in your name and fortify your brand.


Using F-Commerce (Facebook’s cleverly named E-Commerce platform) and getting it to be successful isn’t as easy as just making your products available through your social media account. It takes a fully-crafted strategy that will impress your social network. For starters, you have to select an image that will be the first thing that your social network will see when they enter your F-Commerce section, which means you need to make sure that image matches your branding efforts and adds a “Wow” factor to your site’s layout.

Profile Images

Secondly, your profile image is a very useful piece of taken-for-granted real estate. Everyone sees your profile image for every post that you make on Facebook. Why not optimize it so that it always lets your social network know that they can purchase products through your Facebook site? Create a graphic that will stir excitement with the members of your social network and will inform them that your F-Commerce site is open for business. Then when you launch your regular posts, they will get an additional message that might intrigue them to find out more about your F-Commerce site.

Being smart about your F-Commerce section and the opportunities that it can create is the best way to fuse your social media efforts with your sales efforts. If you would like more information on how your sales can benefit from social media, contact us today and speak to one of our knowledgeable social media experts.

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