Facebook Tops Google for Users

G vs FThe popularity of social media has taken the Internet by storm. Sites like Twitter, Flickr and Myspace.com have each made a strong impression on the online world, but none of these social media sites could match the power of Facebook. Facebook has become the top name in social media, because it presents users with an enjoyable way to expand your social network online.

Checking your Facebook account has become as popular as reading the local newspaper or having a cup of coffee with a friend. A lot of the popular smartphones and portable online devices from some of the biggest names in mobile communications have Facebook applications available, which allows users to check their accounts quickly. It is a social phenomenon that has certainly made a lasting impact on the web.

Google vs. Facebook

No one could have ever predicted that a social media site like Facebook could challenge an online juggernaut like Google to an Internet popularity contest. Facebook has been steadily gaining popularity since its creation in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2010 that it would reach a level of popularity that would be more than noteworthy. After 5 years of a steady incline of popularity, Facebook has now officially surpassed Google in the amount of users it receives. When comparing growth rates between Facebook and Google year to year, Facebook’s impressive 185% trumps Google’s 9%. This is statistic doesn’t include YouTube, Gmail or other services that Google operates. If you add in those factors, Google is still far more popular than Facebook.

This swing in popularity summarizes a lot of important trends in the online world, mainly the domestication of social media. Even though Facebook may be the next big fad that could go the way of its predecessor, Myspace.com, whose popularity has been steadily decreasing, the significance of this type of indentation on the web is immense. Facebook’s 400 million users is increasing daily, which only could mean one thing: social media sites are going to have an influence on the internet for a very long time.

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