Facebook and Bing Join Forces

Bing Logo 2Bing continues to gain allies to help it with its monumental task of trying to become the most popular search engine used on the web. This time, Microsoft execs unified Bing with one of the biggest names on the web today: Facebook. Bing is trying to overcome Google as the most used search engine on the web.

With over 450 million users, Facebook is considered to be the only driving influence that could knock Google out of the throne. The result of this conglomeration is expected to benefit online users in the long run, because the tools that are expected to be developed from this merger will give users a more enjoyable, more relevant search experience and might even redefine search results as we know them.

What Will Change?

One major function that they are including in their search results that is bound to change how businesses implement their search marketing tactics is that they are putting a stronger emphasis on social search results. They are expected to completely integrate social search listings into their standard search results, which means that businesses that are using social media to advertise might have an easier shot at cracking into the coveted top ten spots in Bing’s search results for keywords that are relevant to their industry.

Social Media Campaigns

This is going to leave a lot of businesses rearranging their online advertising priorities. Think about it, if you are in an industry where a lot of your competitors aren’t using social search, and you compliment your regular online advertising tactics with a fully functional social media campaign, Bing will take that into consideration when they rank search results for your industry. This might make it a substantial amount easier to capture rankings. But the important thing to remember is that if you don’t already have a social media campaign, you should start one now, before Bing and Facebook start to add social media listings to their search results. The sooner you start a social media campaign and Bing starts to index your efforts, the more credible they will consider your listings, which means they will place your links closer to the number one spot for their search results. This could mean increased traffic and increased sales for your business.

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