Click-Through Rates and Your Tweets

Twitter LogoA lot of businesses are using Twitter to expand the potential of their business (including our digital marketing firm), but not a lot of businesses understand what their actual goals should be with this type of advertising. Using Twitter to promote your business extends beyond just building your social network of followers. You have to make sure that you engage your followers so that they get your message and respond accordingly. This will ultimately help you generate excitement about your business with your followers and can increase your profitability.

How to Engage with Your Followers

Engaging your followers and getting them interested in what you’re sharing is the most effective way to gain social media success. This involves getting them to convert by clicking links that you include in your tweets. But in order to really get a grasp on how well your campaign is doing, you are going to need to analyze the behavior of your followers and see if they are reacting to the information that you are presenting to them. You need to track the click-through rate of each link that you tweet so that you can see what is working for you and what isn’t.

A lot of people are already using URL shorteners to shrink down the links they are posting so that they don’t take up too many characters when they tweet, but a lot of people don’t realize that certain URL shorteners can also be used to track the click-through rate of their shortened links. is one of the more common URL shorteners that offers this feature. By copying your shortened link, putting a “+” in front of it and entering it into the search bar located at the top of the “Analyze” page on their site, you will be able to see how many click-throughs you received on a link that you included in one of your tweets.

If you use this information correctly, you’ll be able to identify your most effective Twitter marketing tactics and see clearly which type of tweets and which links are getting the most responses out of your followers. Then all you have to do is continue to deliver the same caliber of tweets, keep your followers captivated and watch your social media advertising tactics reach new users. If these links are directed towards pages on your site, your traffic will increase as well, which will improve your rankings and compliment your search engine optimization efforts.

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