Catching Your Customer’s Attention in 140 Characters or Less

Twitter-BirdTwitter can be a great way to keep in contact with your former customers and help them stay informed about the developments of your business. It can also be very helpful with educating people about what makes your company special and can convert them from prospects to customers. But the challenge with using Twitter is: how do you captivate your audience, deliver a compelling message about your business and reinforce your branding efforts with only 140 characters? The answer involves using carefully crafted tweets that are generated with precision so that you don’t waste your opportunity to really get people excited about your business.


The first step to creating tweets that will help your business achieve success is identifying what your business’ individual definition of success is. If you are using social media to increase the traffic to your business’ website, you are going to want to include a link with each of your tweets. To save characters, instead of including the entire link to your website, simply input your website’s address into a URL shortener (like or and get an abbreviated version of your link. The only problem with using one of these services is that some consumers might question the credibility of the link because it won’t have your company’s name in the shrunken version of the URL. To fix this, check out programs like HootSuite, which is offering clients the chance to choose “Vanity URLs,” which are abbreviated URLs that can say whatever you would like.


That approach is great for increasing traffic to your site, but if you want to influence conversions and increase your sales through your website, consider offering your customers “Twitter only” sales promotions. If you have a fully developed E-commerce section of your website that can process promotional codes, you can develop tweets that tell your social network that you are offering discounted prices for your products and all they have to do is enter your tweet-specific promotional code when they are completing their purchases on your site. This can also be altered to apply to your company if you process most of your customer requests over the telephone. Just have your customers say a secret password that will make them eligible for discounted pricing or other types of promotions that will encourage them to contact you. If you set your site’s shopping cart to record the amount of times your promotional code is entered or if you have your customer service representatives recording the amount of times a customer calls in and uses the promotional code, this can give you a better insight on how effective your social media campaign is.


Regardless of whether you are focusing on increasing traffic or conversions, the content of your tweets needs to demand your audience’s attention, if you want to generate a buzz about your business. Don’t just list common information; be original and engage your potential prospects. Apply concepts of your business to common search trend topics, current events or seasonal changes and really get your business’ name inside the minds of the people who are reading your tweets. Relate to your customers; it could lead to a spike in the amount of sales your Twitter campaign attracts.

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