Businesses Using Facebook to Increase Holiday Sales

FaceBook-iconThe power of social media mogul, Facebook, has unmistakably changed the way we see the web today. Social media has a strong influence on a lot of different facets of the online world. Everybody knew that Facebook could be used to reinforce your online marketing efforts, but nobody expected it to have such a huge impact on E-Commerce as it had this holiday season. Some of the larger online retailers like Levi’s, Sears and Amazon are taking advantage of the exposure that Facebook can create by including the Facebook “Like” option on their product listings. Once a user clicks the “Like” button, it will be published in their newsfeed, for all of the members of their social network to see. Our Internet marketing firm knows this is not only helpful for people who are looking to get somebody the perfect gift, it is also a way for online retailers to spread their name through their customers’ social network.

E-Commerce Advantages

Integrating Facebook features into your E-Commerce site is the best way to “piggyback” on the marketing power of Facebook. It simplifies increasing your exposure through social media, because all you have to do is implement a simple feature onto your website and wait until your customers do the hard work, which is scattering your branding efforts through their social networks. A simple tweak to your website could mean a significant increase in the amount of exposure and sales that you achieve through your social media campaign. This is a trend that a lot of online retailers are following. Comscore, an online research company, has discovered that 68% of the top 25 online retailers have used some type of Facebook feature integration on their sites to improve their sales.

This tactic proved to be effective. In fact, Facebook referrals to the major online retailers who used a “Like” button on their product descriptions increased by 70%, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, which is the biggest day of the year for online shopping. If you distribute your products online, you might want to consider incorporating Facebook features in your E-Commerce listings, so that you can improve your exposure on one of the largest consumer forums on the web. Our Internet marketing firm knows it’s a great way to get consumers excited about your products. It’s also a great way that you can help them share their excitement with other people they know.

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