Americans Spending More Time On Social Media Sites

Social-Media-AmericaWhat once started as a novelty, has now grown to be a significant influence on the most powerful network on earth. As more and more people start to participate in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the impact that these sites make on the Internet as a whole steadily becomes more and more impressive. It is no surprise that social media has become a noteworthy element to popular culture, but according to a study conducted by Nielsen, the time that Americans spend on social media sites is becoming increasingly more significant and more valuable to advertisers.

The Nielsen research study titled “What Americans Do Online,” has reported that Americans spend 36% of their time online on social media sites, which is a substantial increase from last year’s study which showed that Americans were spending 15.8% of their time exploring social media. This increase is thought to be contributed to the influx in popularity of one of the largest social media sites, Facebook.

An Important Shift

As social media gains momentum, it is drawing American users’ time away from other more popular uses for the internet, including e-mail, watching movies, searching classifieds and online games.This shift in popularity means one thing for businesses all across the country: advertising on social media forums, like Facebook, is becoming more and more valuable. It is crucial that your business takes advantage of the opportunity for exposure at a place where a large amount of Americans are going to spend 36% of their time while they are on the web. Focusing your online advertising efforts towards more social media based advertising could make a major difference in the success of your business.

Understanding the online power that social media sites receive from the amount of users they have and the amount of time those users spend on their sites, so that you can harness and boosts your online marketing campaign is the best way to quickly generate results for your business. That is why a lot of businesses are seeking help from social media specialists.

It’s crucial for business to get the type of exposure that can be generated from social media sites, if they want to be as successful as possible. For more information on how Prager and our social media consulting can help you with your social marketing campaign, contact us today.

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