200 Million Tweets a Day

TwitterSocial media is a very popular trend that is changing the way we communicate. More and more people are using social media accounts to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and express themselves in a technologically-developed way. Popular social media forums like Facebook and Twitter are attracting millions of new users every week. People are discovering a powerful way to stay in touch with each other and are fully utilizing the opportunities that these sites can create.

In fact, Twitter users are releasing 200 million tweets a day. That is a significant increase, considering that last year, Twitter stated that users were only tweeting 65 million times a day. But with this increased amount of tweets, Twitter marketing could be more complicated.

Think about it this way: when users check their Twitter account, their newsfeed will always show the most recent posts. If more people are tweeting constantly, the tweets that your business has sent to catch your followers’ attentions could be pushed lower on their newsfeeds, which drastically reduces their chances of being seen. In order to keep a Twitter marketing campaign profitable, businesses are going to have to dedicate more time to creating engaging tweets at a steadier pace. Investing additional resources into Twitter campaigns is going to be the only way to stay afloat in such a competitive advertising medium.

Luckily, Prager has social media consulting that does just that. We’ll make sure your Twitter account is doing as much as it can for your business. Click here for more information about our digital marketing services.

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