Yahoo and MSN in the Search Engine Race

Yahoo LogoWhile Google has continued to stand strongly in the number one position as the most popular search engine on the web, claiming over 65% of online users in the United States, other notable search engines Yahoo and Microsoft’s are starting to gain some traction. Both of these search engines posted increases in their amount of users from the beginning of the year to August. Their increase might still put them far behind the search engine giant, Google, but their merger is expected to make a bigger impact on the distribution of online users that are conducting searches online. These two search engines are hoping that this increase is only a small percentage of the growth that they expect once the merger is fully completed.

In August 2010, Yahoo’s amount of users has increased by 17.4% and has increased their amount of users by 11.1% in the United States. This is according to a study conducted by comScore, who was interested in monitoring the popularity of certain search engines with U.S. users. Of the 15.7 billion searches that were conducted, Google maintained its stronghold on the popularity race, completing 10.3 billion search queries (over 65% of all searches). Yahoo obtained 2.7 billion searches (over 17%), which is an increase of 3% and Microsoft’s network of search engines were able to complete 1.7 billion (close to 11%) of searches, which is a 2% increase.

Bing LogoThis transfer of users might not be as dramatic as Yahoo and Microsoft would hope for, but it is progress. There is still a very long way to go if either one of these sites wants to try to capture the top spot as the most used search engine on the web. These numbers are expected to shift by the end of the year, because Yahoo and are going to pull together their respected powers to create one collaborative search engine. This merger is sure to create some exciting times ahead for the search world, but will Yahoo and Microsoft gain enough momentum to overthrow Google as the most used search engine? We will find out in 2011.

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