Will the Bing/Yahoo Collaboration Make SEO Easier?

Yahoo LogoThe world of search engines is changing as we know it. Search engine powerhouse Yahoo.com has released that they will be now using the algorithms that Microsoft developed for the design of its own search engine, Bing.com, for generating its search results pages. The overall question search engine optimization consulting firms all over the country are asking is: “Will having to optimize sites to appeal to only 2 major search engines instead of 3 major search engines make search engine optimization easier or more difficult?”

The Difference Between Yahoo and Bing

The reason these search juggernauts are conglomerating is to provide users with an immensely more inclusive search experience. When compared side by side, the large difference between Yahoo and Bing.com is very obvious. Bing.com is a more search focused engine. It provides you with a variety of search options, but that’s it. It can present you with powerful results, but as far as amenities go, it’s limited. Yahoo offers a large selection of extra options that it includes on top of its ability to search. This includes news, chat, stock readings, most popular searches and more. Not to mention, it has a “Related Topics” search function that allows you to scroll through a variety of things that it would think is relevant to your search, as you are typing it out.

As Bing.com’s search results improve daily, so does its credibility. In fact, a lot of SEO firms across the country are targeting campaigns to achieve first place rankings on its search results pages. Yahoo has stated that it will continue to provide users with a thoroughly enjoyable experience that will now come with improved search results, with the help of Bing.com. The joining together of these two giants is sure to shake up the search engine world. The end result might not be enough to completely knock industry leader Google from its number one spot in the most popular search engine race, but it is sure to make a substantial impression on the web.


Bing LogoNo one really is certain whether or not this merger is going to make SEO easier or more difficult. There is evidence that favors both sides of the argument. With only 2 major search engines producing search results, the amount of top spots available on their results pages has been decreased by a third. But on the other hand, implementing tactics that only need to appeal to two search engines means SEO firms have more time and more resources for implementing effective techniques on their client’s websites. In the end, like it always is, the results depend completely on the search engines themselves.

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