Why Now Is a Good Time for Local SEO

local SEO

Some people still think that local SEO is only beneficial to small mom-and-pop businesses and that these businesses need local SEO in order to be found. The truth is, local SEO can benefit businesses of all sizes and as we become more and more connected, we’ll expect to have the best available resources – many times, that means local. If you don’t already have a local SEO marketing campaign in place, now would be a great time to implement one.


One reason is Google. The search engine giant has set the precedence for what is deemed acceptable in the world of SEO and over the past few years, it has provided free tools for businesses (such as Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc.) to help them increase their visibility. In addition, Google’s recent updates have encouraged businesses to increase or improve their local SEO efforts. At our digital marketing agency, we think their focus on local will only increase.

The Internet of Things

Another reason to focus on local SEO is because of the “Internet of Things.” As the Internet of Things continues to grow, it will continue to connect individuals with anything and everything around them – including businesses. Things like wearables will bring a whole new meaning to local marketing and it will be important that your business reach as many people as possible by showing up on local searches.

Personalized Targeting

Advertising is getting more and more personalized. (For example: have you ever searched for an item on Ebay, then found an ad for that same item on Facebook minutes later?) When you’re logged into Google, the search engine takes into account factors like your search history and your location to give you the best results. By optimizing your business for local search, you’ll be able to reach more people.

We believe that local SEO will only get more important as time goes on, which is why forming a marketing campaign now is a good idea. Talk to one of our digital marketing experts today and we can help you create a campaign to increase your visibility.

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