Voice Analytics: Proving the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaign

PhoneConcrete metrics in the marketing game are priceless. Giving your marketing department the ability to omnisciently analyze the success of each of its efforts and customize a marketing campaign that is based on absolute results is the best way to make it efficient. Accuracy is vital for a company who is concerned about conserving their marketing resources but still is interested in attracting a high rate of potential business. This type of precision can be very difficult to achieve with just a trial and error approach of adjusting your marketing strategy. Having a proven record of what is and isn’t working for your company’s exposure can define the distinction between a cost effective and productive system that brings your business to a new level of success or marketing chaos.

Voice Analytics

Voice Analytics can be what you need to refocus your marketing campaign to make it more effective. It can give you the advantage in knowing which elements of your marketing strategy are working best and help you design ways to capitalize on their success. Voice Analytics has the means of monitoring both your online and offline marketing operations so that you can see which elements are producing the most customer conversions and which ones need to be refined or removed. It is a tool that can be utilized to measure the proficiency of any type of advertising action, including television, radio, outdoor or transit advertising or print. You have the option to choose to concentrate your Voice Analytics program on any individual marketing effort you are currently operating. It is an interactive service that generates the information your company needs to construct an air tight marketing campaign in real time, as calls are coming through your telephone lines.

Voice Analytics will provide you with information that can be used to construct a marketing plan that will best utilize your budget. With the information you can gather from Voice Analytics, you can devise a more proficient marketing strategy for your business that will increase funding to marketing methods that are yielding top notch results and eliminate spending on ones that aren’t.

Test Your SEO Campaign

Implementing Voice Analytics services also permits you the opportunity to test the success rate of your search engine optimization campaign. It enables you to directly see which keywords you are optimizing for on your site are bringing in the most pre-qualified prospects. You will be 100% certain that the calls that are coming through are a direct result of your search engine optimization campaign or any specific online advertising actions. It is a great way to register which ads and keywords aren’t driving in enough revenue to be deemed profitable and permits you the opportunity to shift your marketing energy to focus on ones that are. This information can be easily adapted to create a more accurate R.O.I. (return on investment) report. You can monitor distinctly how much profit each keyword or ad is generating and cross examine that information to pinpoint which of them are creating the most sales and which ones are securing the highest A.O.V. (average order value).

Voice Analytics removes the impersonal aspect of website contact forms and allows you the ability to complete the sales process with one on one client interaction. This will create a much smoother and much more instantaneous sales transaction. When you present this kind of availability to your clients, not a single important part of the sales process will be lost in translation.

As a business owner, this will also grant you the opportunity to check the performance level of your sales team as well. If your Voice Analytics program is registering a really high volume of incoming calls and sales are still low, this can raise a red flag and help you to reassess your sales interaction approach, in hopes of finding a method that is more effective. The program comes with a call recording feature that will give you the option to be able to review each individual call and see what your sales team is using to successfully close sales and which approaches need to be refined. This can also help you with training new members of your sales team. They will be able to listen to each individual sales call and develop their customer interaction skills by studying how active members of your staff utilize selling techniques in real life situations.

Voice Analytics can thoroughly map out the effectiveness of each element of your marketing campaign. With this type of information you will be able to fine tune your marketing efforts to target them towards exposing your company using mediums that have proved themselves worthy. It provides you with the data you need to make your marketing strategy less abstract and more result based.

If your business wants to implement a voice analytics program that will help it to fine-tune its telephone based sales transactions, contact the team at Prager. Our web analytics consulting can help you better choose your sales tactics.

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