The Importance of Links

Link-buildingLinks play a vital role in any search engine optimization campaign. Building links between your website and others’ could increase your traffic and potential sales opportunities. Links are important because they compliment the credibility of the information on your website. When search engine spiders arrive at your site and start to index information, they value links. Links are a way for search engine spiders to justify the credibility of the information that you are posting on your site. The mentality is that if other websites are linking to the pages that you have on your site, the information that is featured must be accurate, especially if the sites that are linking to your site have established credibility and are relevant to your industry. When you include links on your site and you improve your credibility, chances are that your rankings will improve as well.

The first type of link that you could include on your site is called an internal link. This is where you include a link whose destination is on another section of the page your visitor is viewing or another section of your site. You can use these links to better inform your visitors. Let’s say for example, a visitor enters your site through a search engine they land on a page with an article that mentions one of your most popular products. In the article, you could include a link that would lead your visitor to that product’s specific page or it could lead them to a page where they could order that product. Both of these actions are examples of internal linking.

Internal linking is good for your site because it can help you provide your visitors with a more enjoyable experience and give them an easier way to navigate your site, but it really won’t do much to improve your rankings or credibility. For that, you need external links. This is where you have other sites linking to the pages on your site, referring their traffic to you, because they see you as a reliable resource. External links will assist your search engine optimization efforts, because search engine spiders see that sites value the information you are presenting to visitors. They are more inclined to rank your site higher on their search results pages, which could me two things for your business: increased traffic and increased sales.

Links can make a tremendous difference for the success of your site. Prager can help you set up your internal and external linking system so that your website receives all of the high level benefits that linking can deliver. If you need more information, please contact us. Our search engine optimization consulting can help.

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