SEO for Video

VideoVideos have improved the efficiency of many different types of online marketing actions. They give users a better understanding of the sales message that is being presented and they eliminate any confusion by using stunning images and clear audio to connect with consumers. Videos directly communicate with prospects and act on the behalf of the businesses that created them. If utilized properly, they can be a very profitable part of your marketing campaign.

Video and SEO

Many people don’t realize that videos can complement your digital marketing efforts as well. You can fuse your video efforts with your SEO marketing to create a complementary relationship that will serve you well. One of the ways video can help your SEO is they can improve your bounce rate. If you have a page that is ranking high in search results but has a very high bounce rate, search engines could begin to think your site isn’t credible. If you include a video on this page, you could potentially capture users’ attention for longer, which will keep them from bouncing away and returning to their search results.

When you target video search results for your optimization efforts, it can be much easier because there is a low competition rate. In fact, you have a 53% higher chance of obtaining a first-page rank for video search results because not many other sites are aiming for video rankings. You could potentially put your link higher than most search results if you create a video and make an effort to optimize the page that the video is featured on.

Including Links

If you post videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Metacafé or other video sharing sites, you can include a link to your actual site, which will assist your SEO linking efforts. These sites can help build the momentum for credibility that your site needs to establish rankings. It’s important, though, to include a link to a section of your site that is relevant to the video you are posting. This helps you convert users and avoid having them refer back to the video sharing site that brought them to your site.

These are just a few examples of how your video and SEO marketing efforts could work together to improve the profitability of your business. If you merge these two efforts together, the results could be fantastic. Give one of our digital marketing experts a call today to see how we can get you started.

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