Search Engine Popularity and Your Success

Rising Line GraphThere are a variety of search engines available on the Internet these days. Each one’s popularity has a direct correlation to the success of your website. Having the number one spot on search results pages for keywords that are relevant to your business on search engines that aren’t very popular for users will not benefit your business as much as being in the sixth or seventh spot on a search engine that people use more frequently. When you are crafting your search engine optimization campaign, it is important that it is targeted towards capturing the tops spots on the biggest search engines available on the web.


It’s a commonly known fact that Google is the most used search engine on the Internet today. It is estimated that 49.2% of people that are searching for anything online are using Google to direct them. This makes the first page positions on its search results pages invaluable. When your site is easily discovered through Google, you will see a more noticeable influx in your website’s traffic, which means that more people are getting familiar with your products and service offerings. People have become accustomed to using this search engine to find what they are looking for because Google pioneered the concept of the comprehensive search resource.

This search engine was the first to compile results for not only site listings, but also included available images and videos. It even made online shopping much easier by presenting search users with a list of locations that they could find the products that they are looking for and also gave users the ability to compare prices as well. Its ability to provide users with the information they need has made it an online juggernaut.


The second most popularly used search engine is This search engine is used by an estimated 23.8% of search engine users. Although it isn’t as popular as Google, Yahoo has been in the search engine game much longer. This has allowed search engine users to establish a loyalty with the site. Yahoo users can enjoy its ability to not only be a reputable site to use to help them search the Internet, but they can also use it to stay current with the news, music and the most popular searches of the day. It provides users with more amenities than Google, because it’s designed to be more than just a search engine; it was created to be a resource that could make people’s lives easier.


The third most popular search engine used on the Internet today is Microsoft’s This search engine has taken an innovative approach to search results, but was only able to capture about 10% of search engine users. Since its conversion from, Bing has prided itself on being the search engine users could go to for assistance with decision making, by presenting its users with an extensive amount of information that could be compared easily through the site.

Your search engine optimization campaign needs to be targeted towards achieving the best search results positions on these three search engines in order to create a dramatic increase of success for your website. Since their popularity is so large, being discoverable by these search engines could greatly increase your flow of visitor traffic, which will ultimately lead to an improvement in sales for your products or services. Being invisible to these search engines could be detrimental for the profitability of your business, because without top placement on their search results pages, your website will be virtually inaccessible to a huge percentage of potential prospects.

Focusing your efforts on getting placement on less popular search engines could be a waste of your energy, because you would be limiting your exposure to a smaller percentage of internet users. Give your search engine optimization campaign a chance to deliver outstanding results and expand the potential of your website by doing everything you can to get your website in the top spots on search results pages of the big names in the search engine market for keywords that can complement the success of your business.

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