Optimized Videos Tags = More Viewers on YouTube

YouTube LogoUploading videos on YouTube can be a very prosperous way to promote your business online. When you create videos about your business and its products and services, you are taking the time to properly explain to your customers what makes your business so special. You are going the extra distance to make sure that they fully understand what helps your business stand out from your competitors and why they should employ your services or purchase from your product selection.

The Benefits of Video

Videos eliminate the chance of your sales pitch being misunderstood. They can communicate to your customers and clearly tell them why your business is the best. But uploading videos online can’t have this type of influence on your potential prospects if your potential prospects never get to see them. Making your videos more discoverable on YouTube could mean more opportunities for your business because more views means more people interested in doing business with your company.

Making your videos discoverable is a very temperamental task. You need to analyze this process very carefully and adjust your energy according to what is obtaining results and what isn’t. Start with your video tags. Video tags are keywords that you associate with your video that you predict users will search with to find what they are looking for. For example, if you had a used car dealership and you made a video about it, you would input “used cars” as one of your video tags so that when people searched “used cars,” they would be able to find your video. Tags can manipulate YouTube search results because YouTube sorts videos according to how relevant they are to the keywords that the user has entered. The right tags will bring you the most amount of views.

How to Select Tags

The main goal when selecting tags is that you want to use keywords that users will input to find your videos. Avoid using industry-specific terms that consumers might not know. Let’s say you are an eyeglass distributor; including the tag “Nearsighted Corrective Lenses” wouldn’t be as effective as just including the tag “Glasses” because people are less familiar with the first term than they are with the second. At our Internet marketing firm, we suggest you use keywords for tags that you think people will commonly use to find your videos. This way, your video will appear in their search results when they are using keywords to find information.

Using the correct tags on YouTube can make a major difference in the amount of views that your video receives. You can always edit your tags after they have been implemented, so if you try a bunch of variations for tags, you can keep adjusting them until you receive the most results. Remember, the more views you get translates into the more opportunities you have to connect with new customers who are looking for businesses in your industry. A video with a large viewership could catapult your business into a higher level of success.

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