Mobile Search and Your Business

Cell PhoneMobile search is a consumer trend that is catching on rapidly. As smartphones, tablets and other mobile Internet devices become more affordable, more people are using them to find information on the web using Google, Yahoo and Bing. This has caused the need for search engines to distinguish a difference between standard search results and mobile search results.

It also creates opportunities for businesses looking to expand their traffic and increase their number of potential prospects by obtaining top rankings on mobile search results pages (which is where our digital marketing services come in).

Traditional Users vs. Mobile Users

Mobile search has given businesses the chance to connect with a large portion of their online markets. The only problem is that businesses that are targeting mobile search rankings might not understand the difference between traditional search users and mobile search users. Traditional search users are actively searching the web using a desktop PC. They could be at home, in the office or anywhere else, but every traditional search user has one thing in common: they are usually stationary.

Mobile users are people that are using their smartphones, netbooks or tablet PCs to search the web. They are probably using a wireless network that gives them the ability to search on the move. They could be walking down the street, driving, eating at a café or almost anything else while they’re searching. This means that there are an infinite number of different things that could interrupt their search, like losing network signal, spilling a cup of coffee, a pedestrian wondering into the road, etc.

Connect Quickly

Because there’s a higher chance of your mobile users being distracted while they are exploring your site after being referred to it by a mobile search, your business needs to get your message out quickly. The landing pages that you have optimized to rank for mobile searches need to connect with your visitors in the short amount of time they might have. Hit your visitors with your strongest pitch, right out of the gate. Convince them that your business is the best in the first quarter of your mobile optimized landing page. Include your contact info in the top of the page and make sure you designate that information to load first. This way, if their connection gets interrupted or something distracts them, they can still get in touch with you.


If you include a phone number in your contact info, make sure that number is a click-to-dial link that allows your visitors to call you straight from your site so they don’t have to write down or memorize your number. Simplify their experience and do whatever you can to make it easier for your visitors to get in direct contact with you so that you can close the deal. The less complicated it is to contact your business, the more likely your chances are that you can convert your visitors into customers.

At Prager, we’ve created websites that adapt to desktops, tablets, and smart phones that do just that. Click here for more information or give us a call today to learn more about our digital marketing services.

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