How to Be a Good Link Builder

Every link builder knows that times have changed when it comes to search engine optimization. We can no longer rely on spamming, purchased links, or link exchanges to give our business exposure. Instead, we need to focus on honest and straight-forward methods.

The Websites

The websites you choose are the most important factor of your link building campaign. To help you decide, write down the keyword phrase you’re trying to target. Then, write down anything that could do with that keyword phrase. (For example: If your keyword phrase is “recycled bike parts,” you could write down “cyclists”, “nature activists”, affordable bike parts” and more.) Use these terms to find the best websites to build links.

The Human Factor

Instead of trying to please algorithm changes, try pleasing people. While the search engines are important, your goal is to capture the attention of humans – they are the ones who will be interested in your company and will be clicking on your website.

Also, make sure the websites you’re submitting to are run by humans. Check to make sure that the content is updated frequently, the ads are reputable, and everything is spelled correctly.

The Guest Appearance

Want to create a great backlink while gaining some new exposure? Be a guest blogger or guest poster. You’ll be able to reach a different audience and increase your reputability in the process – just make sure the content you submit is your best stuff and benefits your readers.

At Prager, we build your business on the web and our digital marketing agency experts can get you started on a great link building campaign.

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