How Not to Hurt Your SEO When Redesigning Your Site

ComputerA lot of people don’t realize that updating your website to make it more appealing to customers could have a dramatic impact on your SEO campaign. When you rearrange information that has already been indexed by search engines, your rankings could suffer. You must be careful with the adjustments that you make to your website or it could cause your search engine rankings to plummet dramatically.

Low search engine rankings mean low levels of traffic exploring your site, which will significantly hinder the success of your online marketing campaign and your business. This article is about avoiding what seems to be pretty common moves for web developers, which could end up in catastrophic results for your SEO efforts and your search engine rankings in general.

Domain Name

At the top of the list is your domain name. Changing your domain name, for any reason, is one of the worst things you can do for your SEO efforts. When search engines rank the credibility of your site, a key element to your credibility is how long your site has been available to users. The more time you have the domain name active, the more valuable the information is, according to search engines. Obtaining top-level rankings is much easier with a domain name that has been around for awhile.


Search engine spiders index the content that is on your website, assess its credibility, and rank your site accordingly. If you make dramatic changes to the content of your website all at once, your rankings could suffer because search engine spiders will have to re-index all of that new information. A better way to lighten the impact of this type of change is to slowly transition the new information on to your site with search engine optimization consulting. Search engine spiders are going to have to go through it all and index it, but changing a little bit at a time could make the variation of your rankings less alarming.

“Whois” Information

The “Whois” information that is associated with your domain is also a very important part of your search engine rankings. This information basically discloses who your business’ domain is registered to. If you change this information, it could have a negative impact on your rankings. To make this a little easier to understand, think of it this way: You have a favorite donut shop that you go to every morning. One day, you walk in to discover a sign that says “Under New Management”. Potentially, the donuts that you get could be the same, better or worse. You won’t know until you try them for yourself. The same can be said about websites. Changing the “Whois” information on the domain is like putting an “Under New Management” sign on it. The information that is on the site could be just as good as the previous domain owner’s, but the search engines won’t know until they assess it. This could have an effect on your current rankings.

These are three simple things to avoid when tinkering with your website that could impact your SEO. Sometimes these types of adjustments are vital, and the change is absolutely necessary. That’s ok because every situation for every business is different. Just realize that when these changes are implemented, your search engine rankings could suffer, and that is a normal result.

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