Competition and Search Engine Optimization

TrackOne of the biggest factors that affects the success of your SEO marketing campaign is the competitiveness of the keywords you have selected to target. Competing for keywords online is like any other type of competition. If you want to be number one, you are going to have to work harder than all of your competitors. The more competitors you have, the harder you are going to have to work to be the best.

If your business is trying to capture a keyword that is very competitive, you are going to need a more aggressive search engine optimization campaign. Investing more of your marketing energy towards your online efforts, like your SEO marketing campaign, is an investment that will certainly pay off with major results. Search marketing is a very position-sensitive operation. It has been proven that the closer your site ranks to the top position on search results pages for keywords that are relevant to your business, the higher your visitor traffic will be. This is because a visitor’s perception of the credibility of the links in the search results decreases as they scroll from the top of the page, to the bottom. Visitors are more likely to purchase products or services that rank closer to the number one position of the search results that are generated for the keywords they have searched.

Imagine the amount of prequalified traffic your website will be attracting after you have achieved first place rankings for a keyword that has tens to hundreds of millions of competitors. This achievement is sure to increase your brand exposure to potential prospects, which will also have a tremendous impact on your monthly sales. Prager and our search engine optimization consulting can customize a campaign for your business that will put your business in front of your competition. Contact us for more information.

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