Bounce Rate Could Affect Your Rankings

PandaGoogle Panda has become a major element that influences rankings for a lot of sites on the web. Panda uses a secret algorithm tailored to index the credibility of information that websites are presenting to users with the hopes of providing them with accurate search rankings that will save them time and deliver a better search experience. As SEOs begin to analyze the effects of the Panda update, it’s becoming more apparent that certain things that haven’t influenced rankings before are becoming an important part of Google’s definition of credibility. Website bounce rate is one of those variables.

Strive for a Low Rate

Before, when optimizing a site, the bounce rate of pages ranked on search results didn’t really matter, but more and more SEOs are finding that if your bounce rate is higher, (meaning that visitors land on your site, spend very little time and refer back to the search engine that led them to your site) your rankings could be lower. Low rankings bring lower chances of traffic to your site, which could have a negative impact on your web presence.

In order to create a web presence that compliments your business, you have to do everything you can to make sure that your bounce rate remains low. This means providing useful information and an enjoyable experience that will keep your visitors from referring back to the keyword search results page. It also means that if you’re using search engine optimization tactics to optimize your site for specific keywords, make sure those keywords are relevant to your business. If they aren’t and you’re ranking for them, users will find your site through a search, realize that you aren’t what they are looking for and bounce back.

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