5 Mobile SEO Tips

mobile SEOThese days, there are more mobile devices on Earth than there are people, which means if someone is surfing the web, there’s a good chance they’re doing it from a smartphone or a tablet. Mobile users don’t have as much patience as desktop users, so they’re more likely to click on the first couple website results instead of scrolling to find the best one. That means that having a mobile SEO strategy for your business is a must.

Re-think keyword phrases.

When people conduct searches on mobile devices, they use shorter keyword phrases to find what they’re looking for and are more likely to use Google’s Autocomplete feature. Do some research to see which phrases are the most popular and which you could realistically rank for. Then, optimize your meta title tags and description tags.

Make sure your site is responsive.

At our responsive web design agency, we can’t stop telling people how important having a responsive website is. When your website is responsive, it will automatically re-size itself to match the size of the screen you’re using. It will also rearrange icons, buttons, and text to make it easier to read and navigate. Your visitors won’t have to pinch, zoom, and squint to try to read about your business.

Focus on user experience.

Like desktop websites, successful SEO websites focus on user experience. Your website’s pages should load quickly, your content should be simple, your contact information should be easily accessible, your call-to-actions should be clear and the overall design should be simple and appealing.

Embrace the local.

Many people use their smartphone or tablet to search for a business that’s local, so if you’re marketing your business as a local business, this is the perfect opportunity to amp up your local SEO strategy.

Keep entertainment in mind.

Nearly 85% of people use their mobile devices to pass the time, which means they’re looking to be entertained. That doesn’t mean you have to make your website into a 40-level game, but keep this in mind when you’re creating or revamping your SEO strategy. Also consider linking your social media profiles to your mobile website.

If you’re unsure of how to start or update your mobile SEO strategy, our digital marketing agency¬†would be happy to help. Give us a call to get started.

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