4 Ways to Get Your SEO Ready for Fall

SEO strategyAt Prager, we know that for most companies, business slows down in the summer – people have better things to do than to surf the web, like go to the beach, host a barbecue, take the kids to the water park, and more. But just because it’s summer doesn’t mean your search engine optimization efforts should be put on hold. Now is a great time to get ready for the fall. Try these tactics:

Create a Content Plan

Search engines love new and unique content, but it may be hard for you to find the time to write it. By creating a plan for the fall, you’ll have a content strategy that will help you stay on track and constantly produce new content. Plus, with new content – you’ll not only give search engines more pages to index, you’ll increase your credibility among your audience.

Review Your Title and Description Tags

Go through all of the pages on your website and make sure that you have a title and description tag for every page. All of your title tags and description tags should be a good length (for title tags, 65 or fewer characters; for description tags, fewer than 156 characters.) They should also be optimized for the keyword phrase(s) that you want to rank for most – just try to avoid keyword phrases with articles, prepositions, pronouns, particles, and conjunctions in them, since those words aren’t read by search engines.

Take Advantage of Google+

If you haven’t already created a Google+ profile for your business, now would be a great time to do so. Since Google+ is tied directly into Google, your presence can help you rank higher in search engine results. Take some time to make connections with your clients, other businesses, and individuals in your industry. Also, incorporate keywords and hashtags into your posts (alternate between re-purposed content and new content) to help you gain exposure and create a better digital marketing strategy.

Re-analyze Your Competitors

Times change quickly, which means your competitors may not be marketing their businesses like they once were. Take some times to re-analyze their marketing strategies and practices that have proved successful and compare them to yours. Then, before you launch into the fall, fine-tune your strategies to create a forward-thinking model.

At Prager, SEO is one of the many things we do best. Our digital marketing agency can help you create a successful, tailored strategy for your company. Give us a call to learn more.

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