What Would Happen If Facebook Were Hacked?

If you have a Facebook profile, you know that the platform allows you to store personal information, such as your name, place of employment, education history, website, birthday, email, where you live, and more. So what would happen if Facebook were hacked and everyone’s personal information was compromised?

In an article by Josh Constine, of TechCrunch, he says it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.” Facebook has done a pretty good job of keeping its users’ information private, and not all social networks can say the same – 250,000 accounts on Twitter and over 6 million accounts on LinkedIn were hacked not too long ago. However, if they experience a data breach, there are over one billion accounts at stake.

Recently, there was a bit of a “scare” when Facebook announced they experienced a “sophisticated attack.” When its employees visited a malware-infected website, the site downloaded the malware onto employee laptops. Facebook’s internal computer network was breached but no user data was compromised.

So what would happen if Facebook were hacked? Realistically, there’s not much to steal besides passwords, photos, or messages (maybe some credit card information), and Facebook would probably have a quick quarantine solution to the attack, but it’s more so the reputation of the social network that’s in danger. Once its users have been hacked, it could leave them with a strong sense of insecurity. An attack would probably limit sharing and could easily cause many to close their accounts. What’s more is, this loss of trust by Facebook’s users could negatively affect its stock price.

We know Facebook is doing everything it can to keep its users’ information safe, but you never know…

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