Safeguarding Social Media

All of the social media specialists will tell you: safeguarding your identity popular social media sites is extremely important. If you haven’t taken advantage of the security settings that have come standard with your account, you are leaving vital information exposed to spamming and hackers who can use this information for malicious actions that could cause you a lot of problems.

A recent study has shown that 61% of people who have accounts on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or have their privacy settings adjusted so that anyone, even people outside of their social network can see their exact birthday. With that type of information, hackers could potentially control your online identity. 52% of social media users include their home town in their general information and 17% of users allow other users to see personal information about themselves, including their cell phone numbers.

The Dangers of Infiltration

This type of accessibility to your personal information is dangerous in the online world. People with targeted intentions could steal your identity and create a lot of complications for you. There are a variety of different programs and viruses that were designed to gather your personal information through social media sites that can infect your computer and extract things like passwords, credit card and bank information or anything that you store on your hard drive. Make sure that you allow only users within your social network to have access to your information and only allow users who you know to join your social network. This is the best way to protect yourself from any online foul play.

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