Google Panda Offers Domain Blocking

PandaIn order to offer users a customized search experience that provides them with more inclusive security, Google’s Panda is allowing users to block domains from their search results. This is a tremendous improvement to Google’s standard practices because it gives users the opportunity to better protect themselves from malware while giving them the chance to tailor their search results so they can get the information they need quicker and with less obstructions in their way.

What this means for the search world is that websites that depend on rankings are forced to provide users with better content or else they run the risk of being banned by potential prospects. It could implement a more dominant quality control standard for web development that could have a lot of businesses capitalizing on presenting users with a more inclusive web experience while weeding out businesses that rely on content to maintain their search rankings.

Users will be able to manage their list of blocked sites, adding and subtracting domain names as they see fit. If a user enters a keyword in a search query that a site that they blocked ranks for, they will be notified via a special box that will appear at the top of their search results, but they won’t be directly shown the link.

Businesses that depend on their SEO campaigns are going to have to try that much harder to impress their clients with the information they present them with on their landing pages, or else they could end up being blacklisted by potential prospects. Google sets the trends in search because they are by far the largest search engine in the industry. If the pages on your site aren’t relevant to the keywords that you are ranking for, the result could be that users might put your business on their banned list, because you inconvenienced them. To avoid this, it’s imperative to make sure that your landing pages target keywords that relate to your products or services. One false move could leave your business invisible to potential prospects.

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