Google+ For Business (Part 3): Sparks

A lot of Google+ features are designed to improve upon other features on other social media sites. Take for example, “Sparks.” Sparks is similar to Twitter, but offers users more relevant newsfeed information. It starts when the user chooses topics that they are interested in (sports teams, news headlines, etc.). Sparks will then customize their newsfeed to include micro-posts from other relevant users and relevant hashtags. Users have the ability to add or subtract topics to make their newsfeeds more interesting or more relevant to current events.

This feature can be a very effective way to target your specific market and attract customers that might have not yet had the pleasure of doing business with your company. All you have to do is include keywords in your micro-posts and you could potentially have the opportunity to connect with users who have pre-qualified themselves as interested in what you have to offer. Say for example, you own a business that sells bicycles. Including the brand of the bicycles you sell in your micro-posts could increase your exposure rate to users who have included certain brand bicycles in the interests. Your micro-posts could end up being featured in their newsfeed, which might actually get you a new potential sales lead. Being smart about the posts your business features and using keywords could give you the keys to reach new customers.

Google+ might turn out to be one of the most powerful online marketing medias available for businesses who use social media marketing. Once users start to become loyal to Google+, businesses will start to see it as a viable way to advertise their products and services.

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