Google+ For Business (Part 2): Hangout Video Conferencing

Google+ can be a very useful for businesses – they can use it to improve their customer service process. One of the groundbreaking features that Google+ is including in its social media package is called “Hangout.” This feature lets users chat face-to-face. Socially, this is fun because it gives users the chance to connect more personally.

But on the business end, using this feature could potentially preserve your reputation. No matter how great your products or services are, you’re going to have a customer that is not completely satisfied (and hey – you can’t make everybody happy). So what you do to correct this unfortunate occurrence that will undoubtedly indicate the success of your business? Doing everything you can to safeguard your brand and reinforce the confidence in your customers is an absolute must.


Imagine how impressed your customers will be when they see that you’re using your Google+ account to personally connect with them and address their concerns. Your business could potentially use the “Hangout” feature for your reputation management issues – a friendly and professional member of your staff could be taking the time to make sure that every one of your customers is happy with the purchase they made.

At Prager, we know that if you protect your reputation, you protect your profitability. Let us help you manage your reputation with our digital marketing services.

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