Can GoDaddy Rebrand Itself?

GoDaddy“GoDaddy” became a popular name among Internet domain registrars because of its risque marketing tactics and racy ads that featured women like Candice Michelle, Danica Patrick, and Jillian Michaels.

The company, however, is moving away from World Wrestling Entertainment divas, IndyCar drivers, and personal fitness trainers to appeal to the “entrepreneur” side of small businesses.

New Ads

GoDaddy’s latest digital marketing ad features martial arts star Jean-Claude Van Damme and focuses more on a direct message that says “we want to be there for you” (with a touch of humor). It spotlights an entrepreneurial baker with a slew of “new orders,” who is randomly visited by Van Damme – a “motivator” who is seen in various martial arts positions and playing instruments.

New Research & New CEO

The company conducted months of research trying to figure out what people thought of the brand and what people wanted from a domain registrar. As part of the new process, GoDaddy also hired CEO Blake Irving in January of 2013 for a fresh outlook. In an article by Venture Beat, he believes that the company’s previous type of advertising “may be memorable, but doesn’t convey an ‘on-brand’ message.”

Website Redesign

In addition to launching a new advertising campaign, GoDaddy redesigned its website to be simpler, minimal, more intuitive, and feature an upgraded checkout process. It also redesigned its website-building product to be faster for its customers.

“This is about a lot more than posting a new logo and saying we’re different … and the shift is far from over,” says Irving.

So what do you think – can GoDaddy rebrand itself, or will it always be known for its racy ways?

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