Yahoo/Bing Ad Transition Deadline

Bing LogoBusinesses that depend on Yahoo Search Marketing for their paid search management campaign should be aware that the deadline for transitioning their ad accounts to Bing’s Microsoft adCenter is coming up very soon.

With Yahoo and Bing synergizing their services, it was always assumed that their sponsored advertisement campaigns were going to collaborate as well. The expected deadline for businesses to apply for a seamless transition from Yahoo to Bing is January 5th, 2011. After that deadline, anyone who has existing sponsored ads on Yahoo will still be able to change them over to Bing, but they will have to do it manually.

What Will This Merge Mean?

Compiling these two sponsored advertisement forums together is going to mean one thing for businesses that use these search engines to reach new prospects; competition. There is a limited amount of sponsored ad space on the search results pages for keywords on search engines and now there is going to be an increase in the amount of websites that are looking to purchase links for those keywords, because the amount of businesses that use sponsored ads on Yahoo and Bing are going to be conjoined. Sponsored advertising on Yahoo and Bing will undoubtedly become more competitive and coincidently more expensive.

Businesses are going to have to monitor their paid search management more closely, because it will be more probable that once the sponsored advertisement programs for Yahoo and Bing become fully integrated, the more competitive keywords that businesses spend their marketing resources on for sponsored advertisements will cost more, due to an increase in interest.

How to Deal with Increased Interest

Yahoo LogoA way to combat this increase is to dedicate more of your marketing budget towards advertising tactics that you have implemented to increase your search engine optimization efforts. After all, ranking higher in the natural search results pages will benefit your business more, because users see those links as more credible than sponsored ads, you don’t have to pay every time somebody clicks your link and traffic and conversion rates are much higher for natural search results.

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