Yahoo and Bing’s Paid Advertisments Merge By Late August

Bing LogoThe search engine merger between Yahoo and is expected to start solidifying by the end of August. Part of this merger includes synchronizing your Yahoo paid search account with the new, universal adCenter program so that your advertisements appear on both Yahoo and

Businesses with Yahoo paid search accounts will slowly start to see the effects of the transition, as adCenter assistance resources will start to become more and more available. adCenter is expected to simplify the transfer from Yahoo to Bing for businesses who never had the experience working with Bing’s analytics or paid search management program and need to diversify their online advertising campaigns so that they receive ads on both search engines.

Monitor Your Accounts

As soon as an adCenter account is activated, your advertisements will be eligible for both Yahoo and Bing. For a short amount of time, you will have to manage both your Yahoo account and your adCenter account through adCenter until Yahoo transitions their traffic to Bing. Business owners should be aware that during this time, if you aren’t closely monitoring your accounts, you could be charged more than expected to maintain your paid search positions on each search engine’s results pages because you will be receiving two advertisements. If you want to monitor each account separately, third party programs like Silverlight are available. These programs can collect data on each search engine’s current rate for any particular sponsored advertisement and will be able to decipher how much of your budget is going towards Bing and how much of it is going to Yahoo.

Yahoo LogoThis unification can be both troubling and beneficial for sponsored advertisement users. If both search engines merge their entire sponsored advertisement programs together, this will limit the amount of space available for businesses to purchase paid search positions. This will probably lead to an increase in the price of sponsored ads. It will definitely give businesses that are used to only working with one of the search engines more exposure. adCenter will make managing both accounts a lot simpler, but at what costs? Will there be a price increase? Will this merger mean the end of sponsored advertisements for businesses with limited marketing budgets? We won’t be absolutely certain until the merger is complete.

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