Search Marketing is Larger than SEO and Paid Search

CompetitorIt’s easy to separate the search marketing industry into two divisions: search engine optimization (SEO marketing) and paid search management, when you don’t understand their actual power or depth. The truth of the matter is, search marketing has become so crucial to the success of businesses, that it has actually grown to incorporate many more online marketing solutions that are just as important as SEO and paid search. These extra extremities are just as valuable to a business’ online success because they compliment the effectiveness of your SEO marketing and paid search marketing campaigns. When you get these added elements to work with your SEO and paid search campaigns, the result will be a reinforced web presence, improved visitor traffic and increased sales that will make your business more profitable.


One of the most important online marketing solutions that acts a major part of search marketing that many businesses oversee is monitoring. A lot of people don’t classify monitoring their campaigns as part of search marketing and even worse, some businesses don’t even know how to monitor the effectiveness of their search tactics. If you aren’t closely watching how well your search marketing tactics are doing, you are being reckless with your advertising resources. Not seeing what is working for your search marketing campaign and adjusting your advertising budget accordingly is basically throwing your money out of the window. You could be investing marketing dollars into efforts that aren’t delivering results or attracting sales for your business. Monitoring your search marketing efforts is the best way to avoid being wasteful with your budget.


Another thing that businesses aren’t incorporating with their search marketing campaign that can help it to be more effective is interacting with their potential prospects. It’s easy to set up social media accounts for your business, but it takes time to generate a strong social following that can fortify your branding. It takes even more time to thoroughly interact with your social network so that each of your potential prospects feels included with your business and inclined to purchase your products or services, but this is absolutely worth it. Businesses should also research their company through search engines to see what consumer forums are featuring reviews about them. Taking the time to thank users who posted positive reviews and address users that posted negative reviews is a great way to proactively conduct reputation management. If these reviews are handled properly, they could mean great things for your business.

These tactics require constant attention if you want to receive all of the benefits involved with having a thorough search marketing campaign. Although it can be time consuming to put the effort into these actions that are necessary to optimize your search marketing efforts, it is completely necessary to distribute your resources to accomplish these tasks. At Prager, we can help you accomplish this. Give us a call today.

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