Paid Search Tracking: Stay Ahead of the Competition


Tracking your paid search campaign can help your business understand what type of demographic to target their marketing campaigns towards. But a lot of businesses are using paid search tracking to find out more information on another, more interesting group of visitors who are checking out their website; their competitors. When your business has a paid search campaign, it can be pretty common to think “Are my competitors gaining access to my website via our sponsored advertisements?”

The answer to that question will be clear as day, if you implement the right tracking tools on your paid search campaign. Programs like Google Analytics can not only help you find out whether or not your competitors are clicking on your sponsored ads, but they can help determine which specific ads your competitors are clicking on.

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The program won’t specifically tell you the name of the competitor that is searching your site through your sponsored ads, but it will tell you the name of the network that the user who clicked on your sponsored ad uses. With regular consumers, this network is going to be named after their Internet service provider, but larger businesses tend to name their networks the same name as their company. If this is the case, Google Analytics makes watching your competitors navigate through your site from a sponsored ad very easy.

Simply by manipulating your Google Analytics account, you will be able to see who is on your site. This information is valuable for people in very competitive industries. Let’s say that you have discovered that one of your competitors has been spending a lot of time on a section of your site that has products or services that you know for a fact that they don’t offer. This could be an indication that they are considering expanding their services or selection to feature what they are looking at and they want to see how you are marketing it. Knowing what moves your competitor is going to make before they make them can be extremely beneficial to the future of your business. Paid search tracking can give you this type of insight, so that you can know what to expect from your competition.

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