Paid Search Spend Increases in 2010

paid search2010 was an exciting time for online marketing. A lot of businesses initiated a variety of online marketing tactics, in hopes of enduring the economic recession. Targeting their industry’s online market share became a more relevant necessity, as businesses really started to focus on social media, paid search and search engine optimization campaigns to attract new sales leads. There were noticeable increases in the amount of money that businesses were spending on online marketing methods in 2010, but one of the most significant changes businesses were making was investing more in paid search.

The increased attention in paid search in 2010 peaked in the fourth quarter of the year, with a 35.5% raise in spending from last year. There was a 44.8% increase in December alone, according to a report conducted by online marketing research company, SearchIgnite. This is a very dramatic improvement from 2009, when businesses were first feeling the impact of the recession and were either slowing down or completely stopping their paid search advertising spending. In the fourth quarter, Google received 82.8% of the money that was spent in paid search, while Yahoo/Bing only received 17.9%.

Paid search is an online marketing tactic that has been pulled under the microscope many times. Its credibility and effectiveness has been called into question because of its relevance and its ability to too easily level the playing field on some of the more competitive keywords on the web. Since businesses are paying to obtain paid search positions, users don’t trust them as much as they trust natural search listings. But that hasn’t stopped businesses all over the world from investing their marketing budgets into paid search campaigns. It can be a very useful part of your online marketing strategy, but if you are interested in more quality results, natural search rankings will be a better investment for your money.

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