Including Mobile Search in Your Keyword Strategy

Mobile SearchThere are a lot of businesses out there that focus their marketing energy on tactics that can improve their online presence. Paid search and search engine optimization have become important cogs in the consumer exposure machine for businesses in all types of industries. Targeting keywords is quickly turning into a necessity businesses are using to increase their sales and potential. Obtaining the top spot in popular search engine results pages for keywords that are relevant to your industry will bring a surplus of beneficial results that will get your business the online presence that it deserves.

The catch is, a lot of businesses are also designating portions of their marketing budgets for the purchase of paid search advertisements but are neglecting a significant portion of their potential prospects – they are not targeting keywords on mobile search results because they don’t realize that Google search and Google Mobile search are two different entities. Just because you have obtained rankings on one, doesn’t automatically mean that you have obtained rankings on the other.

Mobile Search

The main difference between Google search and Google Mobile search is that the engineers at Google Mobile search designed the algorithm that generates search results to be more locally focused. The idea being that when somebody is using a mobile device to search, they have the intention of finding something nearby them. For example, somebody that enters the keyword “donuts” into their Google Mobile search query is more than likely looking for a donut shop nearby, not the entire history of donuts. Google search is based off of the actual credibility of the information that websites present and not so much the location of where the search is taking place. Instead, their geographical based results are included in their Google Local listings.

If you are currently using the Google Keyword Tool as your primary source for analytics information, make sure that you set it to collect mobile search data. This is a feature that was added to the program to give you the chance to watch your mobile visitor’s search behavior and activity. With this tool, you can see the difference between standard search and mobile search for keywords. This allows you to better alter your regular website and your mobile website so that it outperforms your competitors.

Prager can create marketing solutions for you that will help you capture rankings for both standard and mobile search. Our search engine optimization consulting can create a custom keyword campaign for your business that will get you the top search results spots for keywords that are relevant to your industry. For more information on how we can help you, contact us today.

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