Google’s New Monthly Adwords Budget

Google G LogoGoogle Adwords continues to be a very effective way of advertising your business online. To make managing a Google Adwords campaign easier, Google has launched a new program that will automatically set limits to your campaign, so that you can be more conservative with your marketing budget. This tool will make it much simpler to control your Adwords campaign, but will still give you the opportunity to have your sponsored advertisements appear for the keywords that you have selected.

Instead of allowing you to set a spending limit for each keyword by the day, it gives you the choice to select the amount of money that you would want to spend on a specific keyword for an entire month. It averages out what you spend each day for sponsored ads and multiplies it by 30.4, which is the average amount of days in 12 months. An important thing to note though, Google will only offer you this option if your daily spend is consistent for one whole month. It was designed to help prevent you from over spending, because it will stop your sponsored advertisement once it reaches its monthly budget.

Who Benefits?

Having this feature will undoubtedly benefit businesses that want to regulate what they are spending on Google Adwords. It will help them control their monthly marketing budgets more effectively. It seems like the only problem that could occur with having this type of predicted control is that you could potentially lose the placement for your sponsored advertisement if you reach your monthly budget too soon or if there is an increase of interest for any of the specific keywords you are paying to rank for. If more visitors start clicking through the ad than what is regularly expected, your ad might get less exposure for that month. Carefully monitoring and over estimating the amount of clicks you would normally receive is a good way to keep this from happening. This feature might make it easier for paid search management, but it will not eliminate the need to monitor your campaign regularly, if you want to receive the results of a successful sponsored advertisement campaign.

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