Google’s Adwords Accuracy Could Cost You Money

Google LogoBusinesses that use Google Adwords for their sponsored advertisements depend on Google to place their ads on search results pages when keywords that are relevant to their business are entered into the search query by users. When a business’ ads are displayed for keywords that are relevant to their industry, not only will traffic from the search results page flow into their website, there is a good chance that the users that have landed on the site won’t bounce back to the search results page quickly, because the information on the site that they have landed on is relevant to what they are looking for.

The Trouble with Ads

A lot of businesses who are actually inspecting their Google Search Query Performance reports are finding that their advertisements are being associated with search queries that are not as relevant as they should be. This is causing websites that use sponsored ads to have higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates, because traffic is being sent to their sites that is made up of users who aren’t actually interested in learning more about their business.

Generally associating keywords with sponsored advertisements could end up costing advertisers a significant portion of their marketing budgets, because each time their sponsored ad is clicked, they are charged. If the user who clicks the ad is interested in the business that owns the link’s website or not, they will have to pay for being placed into the favored sponsored advertisement spots. This means that even though users will revert back to their search results quicker, the website that applied for that sponsored advertisement will have to pay because Google associated their ad with a keyword that wasn’t completely relevant to the actual search query.

How to Avoid Overspending

The best way to avoid overspending on your sponsored advertising budget by having your ad be associated with keywords that aren’t relevant to it is to put more of your marketing efforts into capturing natural search results spots. If you rank for natural search results spots for keywords that are relevant to your business, you won’t have to pay every time a user clicks your links, your link will be seen as more credible than a sponsored advertisement and you can be certain that the keyword you are ranking for is definitely relevant to your business. And even if it isn’t, you won’t be charged every time a user clicks your link and returns to their search listings.

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