Google Adwords Search Funnels

Search FunnelsGoogle’s dedication to refining their products for their users is uncanny. Every day in the Google labs, the most qualified engineers are brainstorming ways to keep their beloved search engine at the top of the list of contention. To be the best, you need an air-tight strategy that includes the best plan of attack for every aspect of the game. Recently, Google has launched their design for a tool that will help Adwords users to better understand the actual logistics of their paid search management campaigns.

Search Funnels

Google Search Funnels are Google’s shot at providing its Adwords users with more in depth reports that will allow them to see what is proving to be effective for your sponsored ad campaign and what isn’t. With features like First and Last Click Analysis, Time Lag and Path Length, Google Adwords users will be able to generate more detailed reports of what type of results their pay-per-click campaigns are collecting. With the information provided from Google Search Funnels, you will be able to test the strength of your branding efforts online, because you will be able to clearly see how many users saw your brand in the paid search results, how many of those users clicked your sponsored link, whether or not the user that clicked your link converted on your site, whether they ignored your brand completely or whether they re-entered the search pool in hopes to find what they were looking for elsewhere.

If a lot of your sponsored traffic is clicking your links and returning to the search pool, it’s obvious that you are not advertising your products or services to the right type of online market. Google Search Funnels will supply you with the information you need to adjust your sponsored links, so that you are reaching traffic that is converting and saving money while doing it. Utilizing the tools that Google is developing everyday that collect this type of vital information will help you to make your website as prosperous as possible.

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